About Us

Dear gun owner,

Here at Force Technologies, we are focused on research and development to meet the demanding needs of the constantly evolving shooting market. Our engineering team works alongside with skilled hunters, experienced marksmen and military experts to design best-in-class products - easy to use and offering features our customers really care about.

While our tech is sophisticated, we apply continuous efforts to make the magic happen under the hood, creating a delightful operator experience. Our devices simply work, without tedious tuning and troubleshooting.

We cling to the idea that state-of-the-art optics shouldn’t break the bank. The sad truth is that iconic brands are ridiculously overpriced and cheaper manufacturers produce far less reliable products. We’re passionate about providing firearm enthusiasts access to superior quality aiming systems - at reasonable prices.

Our users deserve absolute accuracy and we’re on a mission to make that happen. As we grow, we strive to enrich people’s lives and continue to bake-in cutting-edge technologies into optic devices. 

Upgrade to ForceTech and be the first to embrace our innovations!