Protecting the Personal Data of individuals that we interact with throughout our activity, with conscious respect for the legal relevant requirements, is a commitment and a responsibility of high value and importance for us. When engaging with Force Technologies we want you to feel secure and confident that your Personal Data are in good hands.

We collect Personal Data of our employees, potential employees (i.e. job candidates, job applicants), clients, suppliers, client’s and supplier’s representatives also referred as “business contacts”, shareholders and website users. If the Personal Data we collect are not listed in this Privacy Policy, we will give individuals, when required by law, appropriate notice of which other Personal Data will be collected and how they will be used.

We may collect and process the following categories of Personal Data about you:

If you contact us, we may keep a record of the correspondence. Furthermore, we may ask you to complete surveys that we use for research purposes, although you are not obliged to respond to them.

Although we do not generally seek to collect sensitive or special categories of Personal Data about you, we may do so in certain cases where we have the legal right to do so, or where you have expressly consented to this.

Except for certain information that is required by law, your decision to provide any Personal Data to us is voluntary. You will therefore not be subject to adverse consequences if you do not wish to provide us with your Personal Data. However, please note that if you do not provide certain information, we may not be able to accomplish some or all the purposes outlined in this Global Privacy Policy, and you may not be able to use certain tools and systems which require the use of such Personal Data.

Through our webpages and websites, we collect and process Personal Data about you in two ways:

(1) direct processing (for example, when you provide your Personal Data through a log in action on our webpages and websites or when you are prompted to complete a form within our webpages and our websites or when you provide information to sign up for a newsletter or register to comment on a forum webpage or website), and;

(2) indirect processing, from certain third parties (for example through website analytic technology). Such third parties include for example our affiliates, public authorities, public websites and social media, suppliers and vendors, etc.

We process your Personal Data for the purposes set out in this Global Privacy Policy based on one or more of the following legal basis:

Based on your prior consent, to the extent such consent is mandatory under applicable laws.

We will retain the data for as long as you use the website and as long we have an ongoing relationship with you and for a reasonable time thereafter.  Please note that some or all of the data may be required in order for the website to function properly, and we may be required to retain certain information by law. 

We place a great importance to your right to privacy and the protection of your Personal Data. We want you to feel secure that when you deal with us, your Personal Data are in good hands. Therefore, we protect your Personal Data in accordance with applicable data privacy laws and our data privacy policies and principles. Further, we have implemented appropriate organizational and technical security measures to protect your Personal Data against unauthorized or unlawful processing and/or against accidental loss, alteration, disclosure or access, or accidental or unlawful destruction of or damage thereto. We maintain organizational, physical and technical security arrangements for all the Personal Data we hold. We have protocols, controls and relevant policies, procedures and guidance to maintain these arrangements taking into account the risks associated with the categories of Personal Data and the processing we undertake. We store Personal Data on servers with limited access located in secured facilities, and our security measures are evaluated on an ongoing basis. The servers are protected by anti-virus software and firewalls, among other measures.

Cookies and other tracking technologies

Our websites use cookies. A cookie is a small text file, which is stored on your computer in order to recognize your computer at recurring visits. The cookie may transmit information via your browser with a purpose of authenticating or identifying the computer (via e.g. the IP address) or the user. Cookies may contain information such as registration data and user preferences. When a server receives a request from a computer which stores a cookie from the website, the server is able to use the information stored in the cookie in combination with the information stored on the server. A cookie cannot collect information from your computer and cannot carry any viruses or other damaging files. 

By using our products and services, websites and webpages, you are consenting to our processing of your Personal Data and information, including the use of cookies and other tracking technology as set forth in this Privacy Policy.

Please contact us at if you have any other questions about how Force Technologies uses your Personal Data.